What We Will Do To Make Your Pet's Visit Happy

Annie visits many veterinary clinics as she travels by boat with her owners. Annie's Mom said this was one of the calmest visits she has ever had! We played the iCalm Cat music for her and offered a tray-full of special treats!

Exam Rooms

Our extra large exam rooms provide privacy and a safe environment for your pet. If your pet is stressed, we will move you out of the public waiting area as soon as possible. We might even have new clients fill out paperwork in the exam room if that is what makes the pet more comfortable. Sometimes with overly stressed pets we will try to put them in our exam room with the couch for more security for the animal


Exam Adaptation

We can adapt your pet's physical exam to where it feels comfortable. For example, cats often prefer to be examined in the windowsill or in the bottom half of their crate. Large dogs sometimes prefer to stay on the floor for their exam.



One of the most important things we will do to make your pet comfortable is offer treats. We will give lots and lots of treats...although they will be small. We use cheese during shots and provide catnip for cats. Fast your pet for at least 12 hours to increase the chance that they will have a wonderful experience filled with lots of goodies! You are welcome to bring your own treats or even your pet's morning meal.




We are using the iCalm dog and cat specific music in our exam rooms. Does it really work? It is hard to say but some veterinarians and animal behaviorists swear by it. We consider it to be just one part in our multi-modal approach to a Fear Free Veterinary Visit.

Owner Involvement

Many veterinary hospitals whisk your pet away to the back room for procedures such as blood draws and anal sac expressions. We believe that, in most instances,  the pet feels safer when the owner is near by during this scary time. When a pet is hospitalized and in critical condition, we usually encourage the owner to sit with their pet. If possible, an exam room is shut down to be used exclusively by the critical patient and their owner. For pets with high anxiety, the owner is welcome to be present when their pet is waking up from anesthesia after a surgery.


Feliway and Adaptil are calming "smells" for cats and dogs. You can start by using them at home and in the car/crate on the way to the clinic. We might have a diffuser plugged in or spray it on our smocks at the clinic.