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1. It is important to vaccinate your pet. It is also important not to over vaccinate your pet. That is why we utilize the vaccination schedule recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association.

2. We encourage early spay/neutering for your dog's and cat's health as well as to help keep unwanted pets out of shelters. However, new research indicates that large breed dogs may benefit from delaying the surgery until they are a year of age. We work with owners to create a spay/neuter plan that is right for their pet. 

3. Annual exams are recommended for all adult dogs and cats.

 4. Adequate exercise is strongly encouraged for your pet's physical and mental health. Exercise can often prevent obesity, severe behavior problems, and keep you healthy too!

5. Obesity can lead to the same problems in pets as in people. Excessive fat causes chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can lead to the following diseases: Heart disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, and Cancer. We offer a weight loss program to help your pet get fit and healthy.

6. Some internal and external parasites, such as fleas and heartworm, are not as common in Sitka as in other parts of the country. We do not believe in putting unnecessary chemicals in your pet. However Sitka does have internal worms that a person could get from their pet. We recommend that all puppies and kittens be dewormed at the time of their vaccinations. Dogs exposed to children or any dog that hikes in the woods should have an annual dewormer. Indoor only cats generally do not need annual deworm.

7. Diet is one of the most important aspects of preventive medicine. We recommend Science Diet because they have the research to support their health claims. In addition, we have seen amazing results on pets right here in Sitka.

8. Dental disease can lead to bad breath, tooth loss, heart disease, and possibly cancer. Because prevention is our goal, we offer several options for keeping your pets's teeth clean. These include dental chews, prescription food, toothbrushes and special pet tooth paste. If your pet already has dental disease, we perform dental cleanings under anesthesia so we can remove tartar and bacteria from beneath the gum. Preanesthetic blood screening is always available.

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