Pet Food

We carry Hill's Science Diet, Healthy Advantage, and Prescription Diet, a premium quality pet food. Special orders are welcome through the Hill's company. Orders are placed on Monday mornings. The food usually arrives the following week. We also carry an array of treats, chews, some toys, shampoos, flea treatments, calming supplies and grooming supplies. Below is a video of an interview we did with one of our clients, We put Tip on Metabolic+Mobility because he was overweight and was also showing signs of joint pain. After just a few months Tip's owner noticed major improvement! Below is the current list of foods that we carry:


You can now order your pet's favorite foods online! It will be ordered through our clinic so it will still  be buying local. We have sign up sheets at the clinic if you are interested! If you sign up for the auto-ship feature you will receive 10% off your first order and 5% off your remaining auto-ship orders. What's even better, shipping is only $1 per item!

Prescription Diets: 
  • A/D Canine/Feline Urgent Care (canned - Pâté)
  • C/D Canine/Feline Urinary Care (dry/canned - Stew Canine/Stew & Pâté Feline)
  • C/D Feline Urinary Stress Care (dry/canned - Stew)
  • D/D Food/Skin Sensitivities  Canine (dry)/Feline (dry/canned - Pâté) 
  • Derm Defence Canine Environmental Sensitivities (dry/canned - Stew)
  • Gastrointestinal Biome Canine/Feline Digestive & Fiber Care (dry Canine/Feline & canned Feline - Stew)
  • I/D Canine/Feline Digestive Care (dry/canned - Pate & Stew)
  • I/D Canine Low Fat Digestive Care (dry/canned - Pate & Stew)
  • J/D Canine Joint Care (dry/canned - Pâté)
  • K/D+Mobility Canine/Feline Kidney Care+Joint Care (dry/canned - Stew)
  • M/D Feline Glucose/Weight Management (dry/canned - Pâté)
  • Metabolic Canine/Feline Weight Management (dry/canned Stew & Pate Canine/Pâté Feline)
  • Metabolic+Mobility Canine Weight Management+Joint Care (dry/canned - Stew)
  • Metabolic+Urinary Stress Feline Weight Management+Urinary Stress (dry)
  • T/D Canine/Feline Dental Care (dry)
  • W/D Canine Digestive, Glucose/Weight Management (dry/canned - Stew & Pâté) 
  • Y/D Feline Thyroid Care (dry/canned - Pâté)
  • Z/D Canine/Feline Skin/Food Sensitivities (dry/canned - Pâté)

Non Prescription Diets:

Healthy Advantage

  • Canine Adult (dry)
  • Canine Adult Oral Care (dry)

  • Canine Puppy (dry,canned - Stew)
  • Canine Puppy Large Breed (dry)

Science Diet 

  • Canine Mature Adult Small Breed (dry)
  • Canine Mature Adult Large Breed (dry)
  • Canine Mature Adult Active Longevity (dry)
  • Canine Mature Adult (dry)

  • Canine Adult Lamb and Rice (dry)
  • Canine Adult Large Breed (dry)
  • Canine Adult Large Breed Healthy Mobility (dry)
  • Canine Adult Chicken Pâté (canned)
  • Canine Adult Turkey Pâté (canned)
  • Canine Adult Beef Pâté (canned)
  • Canine Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Chicken (dry)
  • Canine Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Salmon (canned - Pâté)

  • Canine Adult Small Breed (dry, stew cups)
  • Canine Adult Healthy Mobility Small Breed (dry)

  • Canine Puppy Small Breed (dry,canned - Stew)

Healthy Advantage 

  • Feline Adult (dry)
  • Feline Adult Oral Care (dry)
  • Kitten (dry)
Science Diet 

  • Mature Adult Feline Youthful Vitality (dry)
  • Adult Feline Hairball Control Chicken (dry,canned - Pâté)
  • Adult Feline Hairball Control Seafood (canned - Pâté)
  • Adult Feline Sensitive Stomach and Skin (dry)

  • Kitten Liver+Chicken (canned)


  • Canine Turkey Flexi-Stix
  • Canine Soft Baked Beef+Sweet Potato
  • Canine Soft Baked Chicken+Carrots
  • Canine Soft Baked Duck+Pumpkin
  • CET Hextra Dental Rawhide Chews Regular+Small Breed
  • Canine Tartar Shield Dental Rawhide Sticks
  • Canine Tartar Shield Dental Biscuits
  • Canine Hypoallergenic 
  • Canine Metabolic  

  • Feline Hypoallergenic 
  • Feline Metabolic
  • Feline Greenies Dental Chews Chicken
  • Feline Greenies Dental Chews Catnip