We have a dedicated surgery suite complete with radiosurgery unit, a comprehensive assortment of sterilized instruments, and extensive surgical lighting. The high-end, heated surgical table reduces the risk of surgery by keeping your pet warm throughout the procedure. A technician is dedicated to monitoring your pet's vital signs. IV fluids are running on most cases. Pre-surgical lab work is always offered to increase the safety of the procedure. A heated recovery unit is available for small pets who tend to cool down during anesthesia. We perform scheduled surgeries Tuesday through Friday starting at 8:30AM and when emergencies arise, we fit them into our schedule whenever necessary. Our state of the art surgical suite provides for the performance of a wide variety of surgical procedures. We also have just received a brand new state of the art I.V fluid pump! This is to assure that each patient gets the appropriate amount of fluids and/or medication infused through the I.V.  A technician is dedicated to monitoring anesthesia during all procedures. Some clinics ask the technician to clean teeth AND monitor anesthesia. We feel your pet's life is too important for multitasking. You won't find safer anesthetic protocols anywhere else in Sitka!
We take all the precautions we can to provide the best possible outcome.
• Our patients can receive pre-operative blood screening and they always get I.V. fluid therapy.
• Pre and post operative pain management is provided when needed
• We use the safest and most up to date injectable and inhalant anesthetics available. Anesthetic protocols will be tailored to your pet to ensure safety, especially in our older and high risk patients.
• All patients are carefully monitored by our highly trained technical staff through the use of pulseoximetry and when the occasion calls for it.
• Each patients body temperature will be maintained by using all or a combination of the following: "Hotdog" heating system, warm I.V fluids, pre-heated surgery suite, and types of booties to keep on their feet to keep them warm. 

Below is what our "Hotdog" heating system looks like: 
(It wraps around the animal like a bun would on a hotdog)

Click on a photo to make it bigger: